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Diamond Coverage

Diamond Vehicle Service Contract

Diamond Protection

Diamond protection is worry-free coverage for cars. Get the peace of mind you deserve for your vehicle -so you can truly enjoy the ride.

What’s covered?
Virtually every mechanical, electrical and computer related part of your vehicle is covered.
Just like your factory warranty, it lists only a limited number of items not covered.
Type of coverage?
The highest level of coverage.
What’s included?
  • FREE 24×7 Roadside Assistance
  • $100 Towing Benefit
  • Lost Key/Lockout Service
  • Mechanical First Aid
  • Emergency Tire Service
  • Battery Boost and more
  • Car Rental for up to 5 days per occurrence
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Where can I go for repairs?
You may use ANY repair facility of your choice. Choose your dealer, trusted mechanic or national chain – it’s up to you.
What cars are eligible?
Vehicles still covered under the original full factory warranty or those up to 4 model years old with less than 50,000 miles may qualify.
How are claims paid?
Claims are paid directly to the repair facility via corporate credit card.

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Diamond is the highest level of coverage and provides you with maximum protection. Diamond coverage is exclusionary, that is, it will only list the parts NOT covered – just like your factory warranty. Diamond will cover ALL parts of your vehicle except a small list of exclusions.
Simply stated, if it breaks or wears out and is not among the short list of exclusions, it is covered. If you are looking at a plan that lists the parts covered,
while the list may be comprehensive, there will be hundreds of parts not covered.

The exclusions are similar to your factory warranty, primarily cosmetic items (seat fabric, carpeting, body molding) and consumable items
(tires, battery, wiper blades). Routine maintenance is also excluded (oil changes, belts, hoses, tune-ups).

You are covered for all 16 systems on your vehicle including engine, transmission, ABS, brakes, air conditioning, electronics, computers
and thousands of other parts.

Select vehicles out of factory warranty may qualify depending on years and miles.
Why not lock into today’s lower rates and protect yourself from tomorrow’s rising repair rates?

A common misconception is that by waiting to purchase coverage, you will get coverage for a longer time.
Much like life insurance costs rise as we age, the cost for a vehicle service contract will rise as the vehicle accrues mileage.

You will be offered the lowest rates for newer vehicles with lower mileage. In other words, you are paying for tomorrow’s coverage at today’s rates.
In addition, our roadside assistance benefit may prove to be invaluable during the manufacturer’s warranty period.

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