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Key Vehicle Resources Vehicle Service Contracts


Vehicle Service Contract Coverage Comparison

Key Vehicle Resources offers 4 different levels of vehicle coverage. With all of our vehicle service contracts, you may make an unlimited number of claims and may use any dealer or repair facility of your choice.

  Powertrain PT Gold Platinum Diamond
Choose Your Repair Shop
Roadside Assistance
Drive Axle(s)
Lost Key/Lockout Service
Air Conditioning  
Transfer Case  
Transfer Unit (4×4)  
Front Suspension    
Rear Suspension    
Anti-lock Brakes (ABS)    
  • Wear items such as brake pads, hoses, bulbs, fuses, etc., are considered normal wear and are not covered.
  • All vehicle service contracts come with different exclusionary periods that could be measured by time / mileage or both. No plans cover pre-existing conditions on vehicles.
    Plans require that you do perform normal maintenance as required by your manufacturer.

* Sample contracts available by clicking on the Administrator logos below.


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